We are R & B Cleaning services and have been in the cleaning industry since 2014. R & B Cleaning services offers a wide range of cleaning services in domestic and commercial areas   . We are made up of a team of individuals who are passionate about cleaning and making sure the environment is safe for our clients . These services are offered in all areas in Cape town  and apply Flats , houses,  offices, restaurants, hotels etc. We also assist with any type of situation for example flooding, end of tenancy, spring cleaning etc. R & B  cleaning services  believes that good service and good business work hand in hand and we always put our customers’ needs first and make sure the service is satisfactory and make sure we use the right tools for the job to ensure we provide the right service for our clients .  

When it comes to our Carpet and Upholstery services we  use a wide range of eco-friendly chemicals supplied by certified suppliers  this includes stain remover liquids, carpet shampoo / powder, air freshener liquids etc. These chemicals are safe to use around pets, our customers and their families therefore  can be used in the home, office etc. We have a wide range of industrial machines to clean in an effective and efficient manner and making sure the environment is spotless clean from dust mites, bad odour, stains  and any bacteria


R & B Carpet Cleaning Services specializes in providing the following services:

    • All types of Carpets and Rugs
      (Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing/deodorizing )
    • Upholstery Services
      (Couches, mattresses , office chairs, curtains etc.)
    • General Indoor Cleaning/Spring cleaning  
      (Offices, Hospitals, homes etc.)
      General Outdoor Cleaning
    (Offices, Hospitals, homes etc.)


Stains and spots removal - we use eco-friendly stain removing chemicals
Removal of dust mites, odour removal, wet cleaning, dry cleaning, mattress cleaning, deodorizing, extraction of dust mites, killing of bacteria.